Product Description

The mammoth Hole sweeper is a device fitted to the undercarriage of a drill rig with the function addressing chippings ejected from a blasthole and cleaning the collar of a blasthole with no manual labour.

The mammoth hole sweeper is designed with rotating sweeping flaps to deflect chippings ejected from the blasthole - thus preventing them from accumulating around the collar of the hole.hole sweeper pic

Designed to address:

  • Clogging below deck on the drill rig
  • Chippings re-entering the blast hole
  • Time lost due to slowed penetration rates
  • Increased wear on the drill string
  • Lock up of bits due to blocked holes

Benefits of using the Mammoth Hole Sweeper:

  • Eliminates the necessity for manually cleaning the border of the holes
  • Prevents chippings piling up around the hole
  • Increased penetration rates
  • Increased bit life
  • Increased drill steel life
  • Increased life of the Deckbush
  • Decreased deck contamination 

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